Euromed 2012
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Info for Exhibitors

A commercial and professional exhibition in the general field of e-Documentation of Cultural Heritage will be organised.

The exhibition will be located in a special place at the venue and will provide a close look at the latest products and services, inventions, developments, in all fields described in the call for participation.

The exhibition area and coffee buffets will be located in the same area to attract the flow of the participants.

Download the layout of the 1st Floor(Click here ).

Cyprus Airways will try to help with the extra hand luggage (more than 20 Kg’s) for the transportation of the necessary fragile equipment of the exhibitors that will be exhibiting in Cyprus during the event. It is important that at the time of booking the exhibitors should mention that special equipment would be carried on the same flight.

The exhibitors may visit the Cyprus Airways web site to obtain the contact addresses and telephone numbers of the respective Cyprus Airways Offices in their Country.